Solutions For the Developing World

Globally 4.0 billion people still do not have access to rudimentary Information technologies. There are areas of the world that do not have electricity or basic Technologies for powering construction work, transport or medical equipment. 


What if we Could Deliver DC Power Direct to the Equipment?

We have done things in the same way for many years: Traditional power is supplied to the consumer by Converting High Voltage AC power to low voltage DC power. Look at any AC adapter on computers & IT equipment – input is High voltage AC – Output is low Voltage DC

Power for the Developing World

We Deliver Highly Efficient DC Power. 

Sometimes the Cleverest Ideas - Come from the Smallest of Companies

Getting power to remote locations is a major challenge predominantly due to lack of infrastructure. 


Our generators deliver low voltage DC output locally and are suited to a whole range of applications. 


A traditional Welder, or Generator, uses old technology AC to DC 


We Have Equipment for a Range of Applications

These are some of the uses for our Technology:
  • Battery Charging
  • low voltage lighting,
  • IT power, and
  • Specialised applications such as cleaning up drinking and waste water.

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Sometimes the Cleverest Ideas - Come from the Smallest of Companies